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Today we are gathered to celebrate to the glory of God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, the solemnity of Christ the Universal King. This feast was instituted by Pope Pius XI in 1925 after world War 1 when the people had lost hope.

The first reading x-rays how the Israelites rejected Saul and clinched on David to be their King.
Paul in the Second reading talks about the existence of this King prior to everyone’s knowledge, hence He is called Ancient of Days.

In the gospel St. Luke gives an account of the King’s performance. Promising the thief a share in his abode.
Jesus is the king of the universe and His kingdom never ends. He is the king whom the people never understood. As a result, He was condemned and crucified. His kingdom is truth, justice, and love. His kingdom is for those who are weak, poor, meek, and humble. He is a king filled with compassion, mercy, and peace. His kingship is not the kind we have today. His kingship is full of love.

When we follow the path of our great king, people will mock us. However, we must not be distracted. Irrespective of the insults we receive from our neighbours. We must remember that Christ is King over everything including our homes, finance, career, etc. This is why he is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He is the pillar that holds all that concerns us. Remove Him as the pillar and everything will fall. We are nothing without him.

When you are faced with trials, temptations, and troubles, you must endeavour to call upon the king of kings. You must be strong and call upon Him. Even when you are being despised and treated unjustly, call upon Jesus, the king of kings. Why not hand over everything that concerns you to God? Let us accept Jesus as our king and let us not deny Him like the Jews did in (John 15:19), ‘we have no king but Caesar’. What is that thing that will make us deny Jesus? Is it fornication, stealing, adultery, anger, lies, etc? We must never make these things our king and must never deny Jesus as a result of them. We must dethrone ourselves of everything that takes us away from Jesus and enthroned Jesus as our Master king.

There are 4 lessons that we can learn from the kingship of Jesus. This is because by virtue of our baptism, we are all kings. The 4 lessons are:
1. Humility.
2. Sincerity
3. Showing concern
4. Industriousness

1. HUMILITY: He expects Us to be humble. Even when He was being insulted by the soldier, mocked by the people, imagine also the thief on the cross insulted him but He still humbled himself Phil 2:8.

2. SINCERITY: He showed Us the way of truth. He was sentenced based on the allegation that He made himself King. He never denied it even at the point of death because he knows truly he is a King. This made those who do not know what the truth is, like Pilate to ask “what is truth” Jn 8:32,38. Even Peter whom we think knows what truth is, denied Jesus. Every King must have to wear the apron of sincerity.

3. SHOWING CONCERN: No one is a King for himself, one is King because one behaves and is recognised by the People. You can not be a King over nobody. As such a King must be concerned with the well being of his people. He must necessarily think Good for his people. The reverse is the case in our world today where many Kings have a total self-interest and worst at the detriment of the community he is leading. Many of our Kings especially in Igbo land allow Fulani herdsmen into a community because He the King has been settled with a heavy envelope, then with their cows, descend on people ‘s crop yet nothing will be done because the King is not concerned with the people’ s affairs. Cf Jn 6:15. Today You see many Kings not living in the community they are Kings for, tell me how such a person can be fully concerned with the affairs of his subject.

4. INDUSTRIOUSNESS Jesus is an industrious King, always going about doing Good (Act 10:38). He never joked with his duty. You will always find him on active duty in the midst of his people. He says my father is working, I too am still working Jn 5:17. Every King should have his hands be on the desk always. Today no leader wants to work but loves to have more than a double share.

In Chapter five (the beatitude) of the gospel of Matthew Jesus enumerates, the qualities expected of the Princes and Princesses. Jesus is a King prophesied before his birth, Isa 9:5-7. At his birth He was called King by the Maggi (Matthew 2). At his birth He was also called a King Jn 19:19.

May Christ reign in our lives, families, businesses, and in Nigeria. May we not be ashamed to proclaim Christ as King. May His reign bring us peace, justice, and happiness. Amen.

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