The Role of the Media in the Preservation of Human Life: Recollections from the Cathetical Week Day 4

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Charles Ojugbana stated in the course of his presentation on day 4 of the Cathetical Week in the parish that ‘Religious tolerance and harmony must be promoted by the media.’ He said this because it is the responsibility of the media to expose all ills against human life in the society. He stated that with the advent of the social media, everyone has a responsibility to expose the ills in the society.

He further stated that the onus to nourish and preserve life begins from birth. He advocated that fathers should not leave the work of parenting to mothers alone. He condemned child labour, child neglect, child abuse and drug abuse and urge the media to expose these ills and threats to life in the society.

Responding, participants expressed concerns regarding the rate of drug abuse especially among the youths, the use of social media for blackmail and the sexual contents of children programmes especially cartoons.

Please click here to download the presentation.

The programme ends tomorrow, Friday, 9th November 2018 at 6pm. ‘Practices that contradict the Gospel of Life’ will be in focus.

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