Reflection for the Day – Twelveth Sunday In Ordinary Time

 In Homilies

21St JUNE 2020
1st Reading: Jeremiah 20:10-13
Ps 69:(14c)8-10,14,17,33-35
2nd Reading: Romans 5:12-15,
Gospel:Matthew 10:26-33

God is calling you and commissioning you and empowering you, through his Holy Spirit, to share your good news with others.

Think of a time when you were in darkness: a sin, for example, or when you felt abandoned by God or your prayers seemed dry and your spiritual gifts seemed covered over. What did Jesus say to you at that time (perhaps through scripture or friends or a homily at Mass)? What did his whisperings tell you? His words and his guidance were good news for you!

In this Sunday’s Gospel reading, Jesus says: “What I say to you in the darkness, speak in the light.” He’s calling you and commissioning you and empowering you, through his Holy Spirit, to share your good news with others, so that they can hear him in their darkness. Proclaim it boldly and visibly so that those who want to hear it will stop and listen. Do not be afraid to openly share how Jesus has been working in your life and how he’s helped you grow or heal or turn away from sin.
Yes, when we’re this bold, some people ridicule us and reject us, like how Jeremiah was treated in the first reading. But the Lord is with you, too, as “a mighty champion,” and your persecutors will eventually stumble and fail. Jesus tells us to “fear no one.” God takes good care of us.

Jesus acknowledges those who acknowledge him. In other words, when we’re insulted or persecuted for our faith, God holds us and comforts us. It’s his opinion of us that matters anyway, and no one else’s. Listen to him. In the whispers of the sanctuary of your heart, he’s telling you all the good that he sees in you. He’s telling you that he appreciates the good you have done. He’s giving you good news worth sharing.

Questions for Personal Reflection:
What is your testimony? What did Jesus teach you when you were in sin or handling a recent difficulty? Write it down; this exercise will help you feel more confident when you try to share your story with others.

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