Pentecost Sunday – Homily by Rev Fr Edmund Nnadozie

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Pentecost is what we celebrate today. We celebrate the descent of the holy spirit upon the disciples of Christ. The day was called Pentecost. It was a Jewish feast where people gathered from all over to Jerusalem which was a holy place. It was that day that the spirit descended on the believers like tongues of fire. They all spoke in their own tongues and everyone understood what they were saying.

When Christ met with his apostles in John 20, he breathed on them and told them to receive the holy spirit. But in Pentecost, the spirit descended on both the disciples and apostles. That was the beginning of the church. The spirit empowered them to speak in their tongues and those there understood them.

One important point is that when the spirit descended on the disciples and apostles, although the church was born, the disciples and apostles who were hiding were now empowered, enlightened and filled with the holy spirit to go out and preach. During confirmation, the Bishop touches you and says receive the holy spirit. This is not a spirit of despair, hopelessness, etc but the spirit that makes us cry Abba Father. The spirit that makes us to be bold and do wonders.

The spirit in us empowers us at confirmation to work in the church as ushers, lectors to join the choir, etc. The spirit is not given for us to hide but to come out and participate in the church. We all need to utilise the Holy spirit. We need to ask ourselves what is preventing us from participating in the church. If the spirit could make the disciples and apostles to break away and go to distant lands to establish the church, we should be able to do the same. Not doing that would make the Holy Spirit angry.

You make the Holy spirit angry if you do not go to church or take your kids to church or pray with your family at home. Whatever you are doing, always do it in the spirit. Do not be shy to showcase your talent.

Above all, let the Spirit, the power and blessings of the Lord come down. Amen.

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