The Mountain of our Lord by Fr Pius Oyeniyi CSSR

 In Homilies

It’s the first Sunday of Advent and this reminds us of the wait for the coming of the messiah. In the first reading, Isaiah talks about the mountain which would be the most important. Just like the flood that swept many away during the time of Noah, so will there be a flood that will sweep everyone away. Many are lost in politics, business, etc. They are climbing their political hill, social hill, financial hill, etc. Isaiah reminds us that on that day, the mountain of the Lord will be established and it will be higher than all mountains. Christians are lost in the world but there is a ray of hope. There is an invitation for us to cling to the mountain of the Lord because on that day, it will be raised high.

The Lord does not put anyone to shame but on that day, we shall put ourselves to shame if we do not make the resolution to belong to the mountain of God in our ways. The enemy – Satan – will rejoice over our soul if we do not cling to the mountain of the Lord.

In the second reading, it tells us to wake up from slumber for the salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed. This means the day that the mountain will be raised above all others is at hand. The reading encourages us to cast off all filth so that we can be worthy of the mountain.

Finally, as we hold on to the mountain, may we always remember to call upon the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede for us both now and forever. Amen


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