Moral Instructions should return to our school’s curriculum: Recollections from the Cathetical Week Day 3

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Moral Instructions was the theme of Dr Mrs U. J. Oranika discussion on the third day of the Cathetical week. She stated that while it is necessary to work towards academic excellence of the child, there is a need to inculcate in the child sound moral behaviour and principles which would aid in child formation.  She emphasised the need for guidance counsellors in schools and went further to state that the need to maintain a holistic guidance on the preservation and sanctity of life from infancy cannot be over-emphasised. She, however, urged parents to be first teachers to the child.

Moral Instructions

Dr Mrs U. J. Oranika

During the interactive session, participants observed that social media platforms have diverted parent’s attention from their children and should be checked. One of the suggestions at the session was that there should be a collaboration between Catholic women and their Muslim counterpart in the promotion of peaceful co-existence between members of both religions.

The programme continues on Thursday, November 8, 2018, at 6 pm with the topic ‘ The Role of the Individual, the Media and the Non-Governmental Organisations in the Preservation of Human Life

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