The Holy Trinity – Homily by Father Aloy Udo

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Today, we celebrate one God who exists as a trinity. Many are worried about how three persons can be in one God and how one God can be in three persons but it is a mystery. As a mystery, it is not forced on anyone. It is just a matter of belief. Belief is voluntary and spontaneous.

The father knows the son and the son knows the father and the Holy spirit knows them both. In modern logic, a mother cannot be equal to her child but this is not modern logic. It is a mystery higher than human understanding. This mystery is like a parallel line made so by God. The three in one Godhead is a community. You will never hear that one is greater than the other or one pulls out from the other. They are in unity based on love.

The church is holy from time immemorial and founded on love. We all are to live in love in the church so that when others come, they will imitate us. We have all come as members of the church and should live in love. We are to work for peace and unity. As a result, we need to pray to continue to live as one. United we stand but divided we fall.

As we celebrate this day, we ask God to keep us united, to help us believe in the holy trinity and to continue to bless us both now and forever. Amen.

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