Daily Words of Encouragement – September 28 – Fr Osita Eze

 In Homilies

Dear friend, do you believe in prayer? What about hard work too?

Hard work + prayer = SUCCESS!!!

Just concentrate on the gift you have, trust God, be honest, be satisfied with what you have and are given. Do not ever envy anyone, even if the person is more gifted than you are…

There is no harm in having many gifts. What the problem is would be not using the only gift, the Almighty Creator has lavished graciously upon you, without you deserving it.

Once you play your part well, even if you are not recognized today, someday, your day will come.

Let me quickly add here that, even if you’re not recognized or appreciated, please, be kind to yourself and show gratitude to your Creator.

You are not a product of mistake. You are not a coincidence, but an outcome of AMAZING GRACE!

Stay positive. Work well. Be joyful. Be humble and God, who is Almighty will crown all your efforts with resounding success + Amen! Good morning and hope you slept well? Have a wonderful week.

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