Daily Words of Encouragement – September 25 – Fr Osita Eze

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Have you ever asked yourself why Jesus posed this question to His disciples, “who do people say that I am?” This shows the importance of self examination. It’s necessary that at one point in our life’s journey, we pause and reflect on ourselves, bearing in mind our overt and covert behaviors.

The answer to Jesus’ question does not spring from an outward show but a deeper experience with Christ. I ask you today, “who is Jesus to you?” It’s a question that must be answered at the level of a personal encounter with Jesus.

Child of God, Jesus wants you deeper and closer to Him. He wants to reveal Himself to YOU for the more you discover Him, the more He appears at the core of your life then He will be at His best to answer all your heart felt prayers at the right time.

Do not panic when it seems God is wasting time to rescue you from your problems. He is not wasting time because He is the God of all times. At His appointed time, He will answer you and you shall rejoice + Amen!
Good morning and remain blessed.

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