Daily Words of Encouragement – June 30 – Fr Osita Eze

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Dear friend, today is the last day in the last month of the first half of this unique year 2020.

When you began this year…of course you knew there would be challenges…but I bet you, not even the most powerful country in the world, prepared for what showed up! The Novel COVID-19.

According to them, many contracted it, a lot of people are dead and gone! However, some people got healed by Divine Grace and intervention!

My dear, have you seen clearly that it couldn’t have been the clueless governments, ghost palliatives, little or no salary, overwhelmed medics…the list is endless…but, ONLY GOD’S GRACE AND MERCY HAVE BROUGHT YOU THUS FAR!!!

Let’s say the first half of the year suffered the pandemic with all its consequences, what are you going to do as we wait for the 7th Month and the new half and remaining of this unique year setting in?

The answer is very simple.

BE GRATEFUL for what He has done.
THANK GOD for what He is doing.
APPRECIATE GOD for what He will do.

When you do the abovementioned, you will sing a new song. You will dance to a new rhythm.
You will have food, even in famine. Your farmlands will blossom and look green even in drought. You will be safe and secure even when the security personnel are snoring.
You will be hale and hearty, even when the wealthiest and most influential people cry of headache.
As a prophet of the Most High, I pray that your test will become testimonies, your difficulties will turn to opportunities for greatness. Your challenges will give way to breakthrough.
And God will win glory for Himself as He has always done + Amen! Good morning and hope you slept well?

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