Daily Words of Encouragement – June 29 – Fr Osita Eze

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It is never an easy task to witness for Christ because it demands serious commitment, love and sacrifice, sometimes even giving up of life.

This is what became of these two great pillars of the Catholic Church in their imitation of the life of Jesus who gave up His life for the will of His father.
The blood of the martyrs remains the seed of the church. Saints Peter and Paul suffered terribly for the gospel of Christ which we enjoy today to the shedding of their blood.

Peter holds the keys of the kingdom while Paul holds the keys of the gospel to the gentiles.

The lives of these great saints teaches us to love till it pains. To love demands sacrifice and offering up of the most cherished.

Jesus asked” Peter,do you love me?” He said” you know I love you”. Jesus said” feed my sheep”. This shows that to love Christ we must be responsible and ready to work in His vineyard.

May the good Lord through the commemoration of saints Peter and Paul give us the grace of true love and commitment to the gospel of Christ+ Amen!

Good morning and remain blessed.

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