Daily Words of Encouragement – June 26 – Fr Osita Eze

 In Homilies

Dear friend, when you are troubled and confused about your experiences in life, who do you consult?

Some people while looking for advice have been led to their blessings, while many others because of bad advice, have been led far away from their blessings.

Happy the man who rejects the advice of a wicked man/woman and does not sit in the company of scorners…(Psalm 1 v 1)
Consider the example of Ahab and Jezebel in 1 Kings 21 v 1& following)

Any friend who advises you to do what is against the Gospel values will do all they can to see you crash and be crushed!

Beware of friends who will command your servants when you are enjoying the good things of life, but when you have some challenges, they will suddenly/gradually vanish from your sight.

Friends like Jonathan (for David) are friends who are like pure gold, tested (in fire) and trusted… hence the ancient but new adage, goes thus, ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’.

Please try to appreciate your good friends, for they help you to acknowledge the presence of God in your life.

May you be surrounded by God-fearing friends through Christ our Lord + Amen!

I hope you slept well? Good morning.

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