Daily Words of Encouragement – June 25 – Fr Osita Eze

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Every action we take in life has a reward.

Sometimes we suffer not knowing it’s as a result of one or more sins committed knowingly or unknowingly. This may come as sickness, plague, pandemic, backwardness and other serious temptations and tribulations coming our way.

Child of God, you must fear sin, whether mortal or venial as they all offend God.

God as a loving Father does not count our sins. He is always keen to see the efforts we make to return to Him after our fall. He will take us back when we return to Him for His Mercy is everlasting.

Remember, ”not everyone who calls me Lord will enter the kingdom of Heaven but he who does the will of my Father who is in Heaven”. There will be many surprises on the last day.

Beloved, ask God today for the grace of true contrition and the grace to stay away from sin, especially the sin of the flesh. May God free us for the sake of the glory of His name + Amen! Good morning and have a splendid day.

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