Daily Words of Encouragement – June 23 – Fr Osita Eze

 In Homilies

Our God is unchangeable. He remains the same. He cannot alter in nature or decision but there is just one condition that can change God or His decision and that CONDITION is PRAYER. Only you have the keys that can change the mind of God. PRAYER is the master key.

God can never change but prayer can change the mind of God.

In the 1st reading of today, God answered the prayer of Hezekiah and saved Jerusalem from the destruction which He had planned.

Child of God, for you to succeed in life, you ought to be serious with God in prayer and sacrifice. Desist from the wide easy way which leads to destruction and take the narrow, hard gate for it surely will take you to perfect destination + Amen!!

Good morning and may the Lord strengthen you.

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