Daily Words of Encouragement – July 6 – Fr Osita Eze

 In Homilies

Dear friend in Christ; are you aware that your profession is a miracle and a solution to the world’s numerous problems?

Every human society has got problems, yet, problems always have solutions. It all depends on those who are able to discover, diagnose and solve it.

Yes, I often say to young people. You’re in school/training, not just to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, pharmacist, carpenter, plumber, electrician, accountant, teacher, nurse…etc, but you are to be a SOLUTION to at least, a problem in the world.

Here are a few examples: Yes, every sick person ought to receive God’s healing through a doctor, right? An uneducated person is formed in the school, bah? Our bad roads need engineers to fix them, no be so?

Someone who has been cheated should find solace in the lawyer, abi?

Good! That’s the essence of you being created and sent into the world. You’re not just another person. You are priceless and precious. You were not born by chance, accident or luck, but as a fulfilment of God’s plan to use you for His glory!

You may wonder…what do I have to offer? Let no one deceive you, friend, you’ll explain to God how you used all He has given you. So, I advise that you put those gifts to use, for God’s glory and the good of humanity!

How can I be a solution? You may ask… Let me remind you that…

You have been endowed, empowered and embellished with plenty of blessings. No one is exactly like you. No one has the effrontery to take away what God gave you, why? Because, He did not consult them before creating you.

You are blessed and are a blessing, let no one tell you otherwise.

May God bring to perfection the good work He has begun in you + Amen!

Good morning and have a blessed day.

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