Daily Words of Encouragement – July 2 – Fr Osita Eze

 In Homilies

Dear Apple of God’s eyes, TIME, waits for nobody!

“A stitch in TIME saves nine”.

“Make hay, while the sun shines”.

All the above ancient sayings, show clearly that, TIME is very very significant and shouldn’t be taken for granted at all.

No wonder the word of God gives a beautiful poem about TIME (Ecclesiastes 3 v 1-8).

Dear friend, do whatever you are expected to do NOW!!! As they say, “Grab your copy NOW!!!”

Procrastination has led to the failure that many people experience today.

What is that act of kindness that you keep postponing till when you will have the TIME ?

Who is that person you can assist now and you say, you don’t have enough….when will you have enough…?

TIME wasted can NEVER be recovered again.

Even the rich man in the hell of fire regretted not using the TIME he once had, to help Lazarus!

However, Good Teachers will encourage their struggling students, by saying, “There is more room for improvement”.

May God grant us the grace to see what needs to be done and the will to do it at the right TIME + Amen!

Good morning and remain blessed.

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