Daily Words of Encouragement – August 7 – Fr Osita Eze

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In life you must have made so many promises and vows to God. How many were you able to keep?

We are full of frailties and weaknesses. Sometimes we promise never to commit sin and be good Christians in the morning but before evening comes, you find yourself going back to those things you vowed never to do.

Dear friend, without the grace of God, no one can stand. You need to firmly connect to Christ who is our Mentor in order to get the grace to stand..

You must follow Him. He said” if any man would come after me, let Him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me”

Child of God, can you deny yourself some pleasures and moments of rest for the sake of Christ,? Can you endure some minutes of discomfort and pain for the sake of Christ?

Every crown was won by a Cross. Christ won the crown of glory through His cross and we following Him must pass through that same cross in order to gain our crown of glory too.

The gain of this world is vain. There’s no profit in seeking after our own good.

Live today for others and Christ will live forever for you. Think today of others and Christ will think forever of you. Care today for others and Christ will care for you forever. He will forever be with you to perfect all your concerns + Amen! Good morning and stay out of trouble.

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