Daily Words of Encouragement – August 6 – Fr Osita Eze

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Dear friend, I wish to call our attention to the word, ‘LOVE’.

Who and What is LOVE?

God is love. Love is God. He who knows/holds/memorizes the Bible is NOT the one who knows God, but the one who LOVES the One on whose account, the inspired words were written.

Whoever fails to love, does not know God, because God is love’. 1st John 4 v 8.
Are there so many Christians? I bet you, we’re in our billions, but do we love God and one another? Hmmmm… Please, reflect on this little real life story.

During the war in Sudan, many years ago, many people, including children lost their lives to various horrible death. A little starved looking child was struggling to die. Near that child was a vulture, waiting for the child to die, so it could devour her. A man used his phone camera to cover this. He made a lot of money and even got an award for the shot. One day, he was invited for an interview on a local radio station. While many callers cheered and congratulated him, the last caller asked him, ‘So what happened to that child in the end? He replied that he couldn’t watch till the end. So, the caller calmly added. “On that fateful day, there were rather two vultures. One was waiting to devour the child, the other watched the child without doing anything to save her”. And the caller dropped the call. The celebrity got the message. Unfortunately, he later committed suicide. What a tragic end???

…Anyone who fails to love the neighbor whom he/she can see, cannot truly love God whom he/she cannot see. 1st John 4 v 20.

May God grant you the grace to truly love, not in words but in holy actions + Amen!
Good morning and remain blessed.

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