Daily Words of Encouragement – April 8 – Fr Osita Eze

 In Homilies

My dear, Our Lord Jesus Christ wakes you up today saying:

My beloved child, do not give the Devil the opportunity to use you in the actualisation of his plans and foolishness through fighting, using abusive words, quarrelling of any kind, corruption, backbiting, injustice and all the vices associated with the Devil.

I encourage you to wear the garment of humility and perseverance, by making use of the grace which God has given to you.

God has showered on you all the necessary graces you need to live in accordance with His precepts and so, it is your sole duty to fan into flame that divine Spirit in you.

Child of God, never you relent in prayers and good work, especially at this critical moment for the reward of God, comes to those who persevere till the end.

I pray for you and your family today and always that the passion of Christ may continue to strengthen your faith in the gospel and that the loving mercies of the crucified Christ may locate you and your family + Amen!

Good morning and have a splendid day.

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