Daily Words of Encouragement – April 4 – Fr Osita Eze

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The death of Jesus was not only for the Jewish nation alone but for the whole human race (you & I) scattered throughout the world with the purpose of unity.

No wonder the gospel of John 17:21 says: “that they may all be one…….”

My dear friend, in your little capacity, why not help in making this plan (Unity) of God achievable by spreading the message of unity, peace and love through your lifestyle.

Though, to be united is very difficult but at the same time, it is possible because as human beings, we are all vulnerable but through the grace and mercy of God, we can conquer and be united just as Christ desired. Are you ready to be united? You can be united by being;

  • peaceful
  • loving and
  • a bearer of unity

Don’t be afraid of what is happening because who knows if God wants us to be closer to each other through that means. His plans are not our plans. He knows the best and that is why he is ALL KNOWING.

Peace be with you and may Almighty God bless and favour you and your family + Amen!

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