Daily Words of Encouragement – April 2 – Fr Osita Eze

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The confusion in our world right now can be compared to that of Abraham when God called him and asked him to leave his father’s land and go to an unknown country (Genesis 12)

He didn’t know where he was going and how he would get there, but because he trusted God and did not take God’s words to be a joke, God favoured him, changed his name and made him our father in faith.

Abraham, against all odds, never stopped believing in God, he never stopped loving God, and he never stopped hoping in God. Abraham still followed God, even in his occasional doubts and weaknesses.

Do you see why after so many centuries he is still living in our hearts as our father in faith?

In this precarious moment of our history, God still loves us and wants us to be alive by keeping His word.

Remember that all those who heard and kept this word paid different prices.

What is the Lord saying to us?

When we keep His word, we will never see the death of our faith.

We will never see the death of our love.

We will never see the death of our hope.

But if we stop keeping His word, we stop believing in Him and when we stop believing, we stop loving and when we stop loving, we stop hoping and when we stop hoping, consistency in sin becomes an option.

My dear friend, look back and THANK GOD for keeping you alive, Look forward and TRUST GOD for He CLOSES DOORS no man can open and He OPENS DOORS no man can close…!

May Almighty God bless and keep you and your family very far from your foes + Amen! Have a blessed day.

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