A Call to Faithfulness by Revd. Valentine Ibe Nzekah

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Last Sunday, we saw how Jesus was led into the wilderness and was tempted after having fasted for forty days and forty nights. Today, this same Jesus goes up to a high mountain and there was transfigured and the voice of the father is heard saying of him, “this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. Listen to him.”  This statement was also made when Jesus was baptized, just before his temptation (Matt. 3:13- 17).

God shows His proud association with Jesus Christ, having been pleased by him.

Consider what Jesus had to go through before He got to the point where he was transfigured. His temptation in the wilderness, having to teach the people even at the expense of His wellbeing, His confrontations with the Pharisees and other like sects, being rejected in towns where he performed miracles, and even in his town Nazareth (Matt. 13:53- 58), resisting the flattery of the people to perform miracles, His imminent death, the list goes on. But Christ stayed focused. In fact, we are told of how His body failed him and He wanted the cup to pass him by, yet he submitted still to the will of the Father (Matt. 26: 39). Indeed Christ remained faithful to the end.

Ours is also a call to be faithful. Mother Theresa is quoted to have said, “God has not called me to be successful, He has called me to be faithful.” That is the demand of our Christian calling. We must persevere in goodness. Even when we are not sure of tomorrow.

In the first reading, we see how Abram was called out of his comfort zone to an unknown place. He had no idea of where he was going, when he would get there and for how long he would travel. But we are told that Abram went as the Lord had told him to. Abram had his problems, he had no child and was not getting any younger. He was 75years already but he started his journey because God sent him.

A lot of us get tired too quickly in doing anything for God or His sake. Families are having problems because of childbearing issues, women who seem unable to conceive run to diabolic altars faster than they go to the hospitals and God for a solution. People have become so impatient with God. He either has to obey an ultimatum or risk being termed non-existent. You hear statements like, “if you say God exists, where was he when I was suffering?” Dear friends in Christ, sometimes, God takes us out of our comfort zones but he is always with us. The fact that He said to Abram, go to the Land that I will show you, means that He was embarking on that journey together with Abram.

The second reading urges us to endure suffering in the power of God. This God called us for His purpose, we must trust Him and remain faithful to the end to see this purpose fulfilled just like our Saviour Jesus Christ did. May God supply the grace of faithfulness and may we be disposed to receive it. Amen.


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