From the Desk of the Chairman

Plans for a successful Harvest Thanksgiving in our church this November has moved into top gear. The Central Organising committee members agreed in our last general meeting, a few days ago, that the time has come for us to move from the planning stage to implementation. In this respect, therefore, the following update information is being put out.

  1. A Special Fruits Day will be organised on the 27th of October 2019
  2. Final inspection of the Harvest Dinner Hotel venue has been conducted and some measure of discount has already been obtained. Like Oliver Twist, we are surely still pressing for more!
  3. A structure has been put in place to make it easy for Parishioners to Pre-Order their favourite Football Club jerseys in good time. Two different categories of replica jerseys have been identified at N35, 000 and N25, 000 respectively.
  4. A Special Harvest Music Album is been worked out with Church Choir.
  5. Sales of Harvest Titles has commenced.
  6. The new Pew Project has raised almost 70% of the projected amount through the sponsorship payment. About 100 Pews have been paid for already!
  7. Professionals have been engaged to ensure that a digital state-of-the-art Projector and Music Sound System are installed for the Church in due course.
  8. A quantity Surveyor has produced a cost estimate for the proposed Information Kiosk and construction will commence in a matter of days.

While we work on several other fronts, we promise to remain focussed and tireless until we deliver a Harvest to remember!

C Ojugbana
2019 Harvest & Thanksgiving Planning Committee.


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